Crown versus Dr. Mathra Singh
Official Record
The 19th February 1917
Dated Lahore, the 17th February 1917

No. 3470-H. – Under the provisions of section 4(1) of the Defence of India Act, 1915, the lieutenant-Governor is pleased to appoint herby Mr. C.A. Barron, District and Sessions Judge, Major J. Frinzelle, District and Sessions Judge and Rai Bahadur Lala Gopal Das Bhandari, Pleader, to be commissioners for the trial of persons under the said act in the districts comprised in the Lahore and Jullundur Revenue Divisions of the Punjab.

Order under section 3(1) of the Defence of India Act, 1915.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Defence of India Act, 1915, the Lieutenant-Governor is pleased hereby to direct that the following person to wit:-

Mathra Singh alias Shamsher Singh, son of Hari Singh of Dhudial, Police station Chakwal, District Jhelum, who is accused of the offences punishable under Section 121, 121-A, 122, 122/109, 123, 124-A., 124-A/109, 131, 132, 302/109, 111, 395, 109, 396 of the Indian Penal Code, shall be tried by the three commissioners appointed to sit as a special tribunal in Lahore under the provisions of the said Act.
By order of His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab. Lahore:  The 17th February 1917

L-French, Additional Secretary to Government, Punjab

Whereas it has been made to appear to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab that “Doctor” Mathra Singh alias Shamsher Singh, son of Hari Singh, of Dhudial, Police Station Chakwal, District Jhelum, has been a party to a conspiracy to wage war against His majesty and to deprive him of the sovereignty of British India and to overawe by criminal force or show of criminal force the Government established by law in British India, and to collect men, arms and ammunition for or otherwise to make preparation for the said objects and purposes:
And whereas acts and offences have been committed in pursuance of the said conspiracy:

And whereas it appears to the Lieutenant-Governor that the said person has thereby committed an offence or offences punishable under sections 121, 121-A., 122, 122/109, 123, 124/A., 124-A/109, 131, 132, 302/109, 396 of the Indian Penal Code. Read more in the book.