Dr. Mathra Singh

Martyr of Ghadar Party   ਗ਼ਦਰੀ ਜੋਧਾ

About the Author

JPS Kohli (1963- )

JPS Kohli (1963- ) is the grandson of Dr. Mathra Singh, and has helped carry forward his twin legacies of pharmaceutical studies and spreading word about the political struggles of the forgotten heroes of Indian history. Working for a few years in the pharmaceutical production and engineering fields, and then starting his own consultancy, it wasn’t long before he started writing technology status reports for the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for the pharmaceutical sector on various subjects, leading to him setting up his own pharmaceutical-related publishing company. The company has produced some of the most updated and important works within and for the industry, such as Pharmaceutical Exports and Pharmaceutical Facility Management.

Writing the history of the Ghadar Party, and that of Dr. Mathra Singh came as a passing on of the family documents and records from the eldest son of Dr. Labh Singh (Dr. Mathra Singh’s younger brother), Prithpal Singh Kohli, author’s uncle. This work remains a permanent way for him to pay homage to his family legacy. For over ten years he has been researching for this book comprising of source collection, triangulation of facts, multiple consultations with leading experts in the subject area, and has included original inputs in Urdu, Punjabi and Russian language after getting them translated into English. This has resulted in this academically well researched book that will also be easily readable by the common man.

Shadow in the Fog

Biography of Dr. Mathra Singh